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I am a rebel. I challenge myself to think outside the box, jump off cliffs, and risk everything in order to gain it all. I encourage everyone I come in contact with. If there’s something scary my friends don’t want to tackle, I am their biggest cheerleader or boot camp drill sergeant; depending on who you ask. I face my fears head on and have the bumps and bruises to prove it. Someone once told me,

It’s best to learn from the bumps and bruises of others.

No need to go through all the failures yourself. Learn from someone else’s failures. Learn from the lumps on someone else’s head. So here I am failures and all. My background is business and my passion is my love. Yes love. I am a recovered love addict. I have a one-woman show to prove it. One thing I know for sure,

You are not alone in your plight.

Business and Love turn me on equally and all that I have learned and absorbed I will share with you. I have 3 marriages and two divorces to prove it. Some may think to themselves, “That’s nothing to brag about”. I’m not bragging. It’s just an unapologetic fact. Three marriage proposals, counseling, and a plethora of self-improvement workshops later, my goal is to be transparent. After all the heartache, I am now sharing my life with an amazing man of my dreams. We travel the world together. We create together. We do life together.

My mission is to guide women out of loneliness and depression about relationships and into hope, power and love(of course). You deserve the Love you want. I lay myself out before you and offer up my lumps and bruises. One thing I know for sure is that I was put on this earth to encourage and empower women to be the best version of themselves.

By combining business strategies with your natural gifts and desires, I will help you manifest the life and love you want. I did it for myself and now its time for me to spread the love.




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