4 Tips for Asking a Guy Out and What to do if He Says No.

When you decide to put yourself on the market it’s important you know that market. And sometimes that market may require a little more encouragement than a green light. You may be the one doing the asking.

Things you should know before you pop the question.

  • Know where you are emotionally
  • Have the big picture in mind
  • Be yourself
  • Schedule “the ask out” before an event or heading out with friends

Being willing to do the asking definitely comes with risks. First, you risk being the initiator in the relationship. If you’re okay with that, then cool. That’s not to say he can’t be trained into initiating, but you aren’t in the training business.

Know where you are emotionally.

If your ego is just a little bruised to begin with I say don’t ask. If your world will fall apart if he says, “no”, then now isn’t the time to put yourself out there like that. There’s a difference between a little sting if he says no and a full-blown Netflix and chill night with yourself, which will leave you even more depressed. It’s very important to know where you are emotionally.

Have the big picture in mind.

If you can put yourself in a place to risk everything to gain it all then the world is at your finger tips. You aren’t attached to the outcome(his response). You’re on a mission and having the big picture in mind knowing he’s just a piece in the puzzle.

Be Yourself and build relationship

We’ve all done it. We get in a situation and we start acting like a spaz. You wonder, “where’d this chick come from?” You’re all in your head and you start being a weirdo. In any sales situation its’ all about relationship. Yes, I said. Sales! We’re all selling something every single day and in this situation you are selling going on a date with you. So build relationship. Get to know him if you haven’t already. This tip should be an every day practice for everyone who crosses your path. Also, once you get to know him a little more you’ll be that much more comfortable when you pop the question.


So let’s say you pop the question and he says, “No”.

It’s okay

Have your BFF on stand by

Acknowledge your feelings

You and the bestie have a 7-minute pity party and be done with it. Next!

If you scheduled “the ask out” before an event or heading out with friends you won’t have too much time for that pity party, anyway.

Put your big girl panties on and keep it moving.

Since you have the big picture in mind you know it doesn’t stop with him. Have your affirmations and your goals in hand to remind yourself that you are an amazing catch, you are beautiful, you is smart, you is kind, and you is important.

And remember there are 3.3 billion men in this world.

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Natasha McCrea, Love CEO


Natasha is a love and relationship coach who guides women in to living their best lives. "I believe women are the gatekeepers to love. We have more power than society has led us to believe and when we tap into that love power we can create the lives and relationships our hearts desire. I coach smart women who want to tap into that power and live a happier life.".. As an actress Natasha toured her one woman show, "Evolution of a Love Addict" Her mission in life is to encourage and empower women through all forms of media.  She is the Founder of Love CEO institute. The place that women promote themselves from Love Employee to Love CEO. She believes when you own it, it'll work for you. Natasha she lives in Los Angeles with her husband. Schedule A Private Coaching Session here: http://bit.ly/CoachMeLCI

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