How to Master Dating

Do you really know what dating is and what it’s supposed to look like? I’ll tell you I didn’t.  I wish I had someone or a book that told me the real story about dating. So here I am sharing everything I learned abou this process. Let’s dive into the basics. 

Dating is a 3 Tier process. 

If you are owning your life and being the fearless boss chick that you are, just know you’ll always be dating. Now, don’t go and freak out on me. Let me explain.  Each tier must be built upon the other or you’ll have a shaky foundation in your relationship. 

Tier 1 – Dating Yourself. Yep that’s right! Let’s not forget the most important person in this puzzle is you.  When was the last time you dated yourself?  Do you intentionally date yourself not the regular. If you don’t now is the time to get to it. It will lay the proper foundation for when you start dating to Date for the relationship.

Tier 2 – Dating for the relationship. Is like working out for the six pack. If a relationships is something you want then dating is something you have to do. When you have accomplished tier 1 successfully you make Tier 2 work for you with your own personal experience.  Some people get the six pack from yoga and other from running.  So this is were you personalize your experience and enjoy the process. Tier 2 layered with your Tier 1 foundation will set you up for success for dating in your relationship.

Tier 3 – Dating in your relationship should never be taken for granted. Since you built the foundation this tier will be a breeze. Easy? Not necessarily but with flow yes.  The key here is t maintain your identify and not loose your self while honoring your partner.  

Now you can look at dating through a new lenses. It’s your for the taking. Take dating back for you.  Enjoy the journey. Life should be fun. 

If you’d like additional support on laying the foundation. Sign up for THE FOUNDATION or schedule a discovery call to map out a plan. 

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