• Dear Strong Woman,

    If you like the idea of having a coach in a book then this guided journal was created specifically for you. You may not be feeling so strong lately or you want to dive deeper and live your best life, your time is now. Declare, now, you’ll start to design the life you really want. The “Design the Life You Want Guided Journal” will be a declaration to live your best life ever.

    • Vision board prompt every 30 days
    • Daily journal prompts
    • Daily Practice
    • Keep your goals in front of you


  • Weight .5 lbs
    Dimensions 9 × 12 × .25 in
    1. CP

      I love this journal. I have bought 4 so far just to give away to friends or just women who needed inspiration. I love the book because for the first time, I see the vision for the month! The yearly vision board is great but sometimes I might not look at it for a month or two. In this journal, I look at it everyday. I visualize what I want to have happen for the month, and you know what?! A few things already happen just in a few days! I’m an independent contractor and I booked 2 jobs in a week! My goal is 6 for the month. I also, visualized and wrote down that I wanted to see my significant other 3 times this month, and tomorrow will be number 3! BTW, he lives across country. Not easy, but the Lord provided our jobs to fly to each other’s city! I also love writing what I am inspired by for the day, and what I am manifesting for the day. And the best part, my number one priority. That keeps me focused. I use to give bibles out for gifts. This will be my new inspirational book to give as gifts to any lady I feel could use it. I just love this book. I’m inspired.

      • Love CEO (verified owner)

        CP, congratulations on all your success so far. So glad you are loving your journal and THANK YOU for spreading the word.

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