Smiles are Date Magnets – Smiles Are Inviting

I was walking down the street the other day and noticed the very slim number of people who actually smile or even make eye contact with one another.  I remember when I was on the dating scene my smile was my bait.  Not my cleavage or my derriere, but my smile.  Yes I said bait! Because I was actually fishing for dates. Don’t judge.  That’s just what it was.

At the time I was like the young X-men who have a power but don’t really know how to use it, throwing it around willy nilly.  “Using it for evil, Buuaa Ha Hahahaha.” I digress.  Needless to say, smiles are inviting.  Try it sometime.

Young beautiful woman drinking coffee at cafe

Ladies I’ll have a video called Geisha Girl Gaze which will coach you to be a date magnet.

Try it!  This week make it point to look someone in the eye and smile. Handing out smiles will not only make someone else’s day.  I guarantee you’ll feel better with all that dopamine you release while doing it.

Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.

                                                            – Mother Teresa

Natasha McCrea, Love CEO


Natasha is a love and relationship coach who guides women in to living their best lives. "I believe women are the gatekeepers to love. We have more power than society has led us to believe and when we tap into that love power we can create the lives and relationships our hearts desire. I coach smart women who want to tap into that power and live a happier life.".. As an actress Natasha toured her one woman show, "Evolution of a Love Addict" Her mission in life is to encourage and empower women through all forms of media.  She is the Founder of Love CEO institute. The place that women promote themselves from Love Employee to Love CEO. She believes when you own it, it'll work for you. Natasha she lives in Los Angeles with her husband. Schedule A Private Coaching Session here:

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