Do Vision Boards Really Work?

Over the past several years the popularity of vision boarding has been on the rise. Though, they’ve existed long before that.  Anyone who has ever been active in any network marking company has probably been exposed to the importance of vision boarding.

First, let me tell you the top 4 reasons people don’t create vision boards.

#1 – FEAR
It can be hard to ask for something that your heart really wants due to the fear of not getting it.  It’s human nature to not want to be let down. It’s just easier to act like you don’t want anything. So, you don’t have to deal with the disappointment.


Lack of clarity will stunt anyone’s growth, and when you set out to do a vision board you have to have some semblance of clarity. You must have clarity about where you want to go. You would be surprised at how many people are going through life on a whim like that feather that floats around in the movie Forrest Gump. Having lack of clarity doesn’t mean you won’t have a good live. It just means it would be hard to fashion a vision board with no clue of where you would like to go.

Let’s admit, we have all had bouts of laziness. Laziness will keep you locked up in the house cuddle up on the couch in front of the tv instead of making a plan and setting any intentions for your life.  Sometimes we know what needs to be done and we just don’t want to put in the work, plain and simple.

Since I’ve been exposed to vision boards for most of my life I take it for granted that there are alot of people who wouldn’t know where to start. There are a few basic steps to creating a vision board that will make your vision board work for you. There are several books on vision boarding and the internet is full of information. I was coached on my first vision board and have been visioning my life exactly how I want it for years.

This is why I created the Vision Board Mastery Workshop. The workshop will help those in attendance address some blocks they may have. And help you to be bold with what you ask for.  I am so excited to hear the testimonies this time next year.  I can’t wait.

Vision Boards work when you put them to work.

In order for your vision board to work you should start with:

  1. Creating a Vision Board.
  2. Only is pictures that evoke positive emotions.
  3. Spend time with it daily.
  4. Create a strategy toward achieving your goals.
  5. Make yourself available to receive that which you desire.

Be intentional and make 2017 a great year!!




Natasha McCrea, Love CEO


Natasha is a love and relationship coach who guides women in to living their best lives. "I believe women are the gatekeepers to love. We have more power than society has led us to believe and when we tap into that love power we can create the lives and relationships our hearts desire. I coach smart women who want to tap into that power and live a happier life.".. As an actress Natasha toured her one woman show, "Evolution of a Love Addict" Her mission in life is to encourage and empower women through all forms of media.  She is the Founder of Love CEO institute. The place that women promote themselves from Love Employee to Love CEO. She believes when you own it, it'll work for you. Natasha she lives in Los Angeles with her husband. Schedule A Private Coaching Session here:

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