Win a Scholarship to The Love Attraction System: 8-weeks to attracting your perfect mate

Imagine… a date book full of dates, more confidence in dating than you’ve ever had before, attracting your perfect mate. What if you could have a life full of all that your heart desires.

I’m here to tell you: YOU CAN!

One of my favorite quotes is “If you build it they will come” – The foundation awaits to be molded into what you want. You have all you need to achieve those beautiful dreams of yours. Awaken the love in you.

“You are the gatekeeper to love. You hold the key.  I know you have more power than society and your past experience have led you to believe. You have the power to create the love and life your heart desires.” – Natasha

If you’ve been having a challenge with happiness always seeming two steps ahead of you, then the Love Like a Boss workshop will finally catch you up. Happiness will no longer elude you.

Don’t give up to your circumstances. It’s time you take action and attract your dreams into your reality. This course is abut honoring who you are and awakening your love goddess.

I’m here to help you.

“The Love Attraction System: 8-weeks to attracting your perfect mate” course is for you.  This is and 8-week course specifically built for action taking women. Who are ready to set a clear intention to attracting the love she wants.

I am so excited about this course and I know you will finish with more joy, peace an love…not to sound like a Hallmark commercial. It’s true.

I would like to celebrate!! I’d like to celebrate in advance of all this life changing goodness.

I want everyone to have the opportunity to learn the secrets to attracting the perfect mate. HERE’S AN OPPORTUNITY TO JOIN US FOR FREE.

Check out the details below and pickup the pace (NOW! because the deadline is THIS WEEK.

The Scholarship Prize

Free Enrollment into “The Love Attraction System: 8-weeks to attracting the your perfect mate”


Follow instructions and post a comment below. And, be sure your response is less than 500 words.

Listen to the group session “How to Stop Attracting the Same Kind of Guy: Making Room for Mr. Right” Here.

Which part in the group session resonated with you the most and why?

If “The Love Attraction System: 8-weeks to attracting your perfect mate” was yours, how would more confidence, a clear plan and new found hope in love help you, your love life, and those in your life?

What should I know about you.

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Everything you need to know:

You can enter to win by leaving your comment below. Your comment must be public or it will not count. Email entries will not be accepted.

Tweets, Facebook, and Instagram shares get you bonus points. And they must contain #singleladies #theloveceo and a shortlink to this post: (include on all posts)

The entry deadline is 9pm Pacific US time on Wednesday September 23, 2015 winners will be announced on Thursday .

No purchase is necessary to win.

Some sample Social media posts – include #lovelikeaboss

(Post your favorite love quote) @natashamccrea #lovelikeaboss

Can’t wait to meet my new tribe this saturday @natashamccrea #lovelikeaboss

Love CEO status @natashamccrea

Love Me Some Me (with your favorite selfie) @natashamccrea

You can post up to three times a day.

Note: I’m looking for connection – heart. I want to see your commitment to walking in your power, how this program can enhance your fabulousness and help you achieve your heart’s desires. I cant wait to see your entry and your social media love.

Xs & Os

Natasha McCrea

Natasha McCrea, Love CEO


Natasha is a love and relationship coach who guides women in to living their best lives. "I believe women are the gatekeepers to love. We have more power than society has led us to believe and when we tap into that love power we can create the lives and relationships our hearts desire. I coach smart women who want to tap into that power and live a happier life.".. As an actress Natasha toured her one woman show, "Evolution of a Love Addict" Her mission in life is to encourage and empower women through all forms of media.  She is the Founder of Love CEO institute. The place that women promote themselves from Love Employee to Love CEO. She believes when you own it, it'll work for you. Natasha she lives in Los Angeles with her husband. Schedule A Private Coaching Session here:

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